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Adding free stat counter for blogger

Adding free stat counter for blogger

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knowing your blog visitor stats is very important, today we’ll see how to add free visitor counter step by step.

– Before We Start:
– You need to be careful while changing your template.
– Before you make any changes, Back up your template and save it at safe place.

we’ll use a stat counter that provided by statcounter.com that works perfectly with blogger blogspot blogs.
you will need to join a free acount from here
(it’ll open in a new window)
it won’t take more than 2 minutes,
after registering, and activating your account through your email. please login to your account.

after logging in, click new project.
see image below:

Adding free stat counter for blogger

then you’ll be taken to another page,
fill the form as the next.
website title :type here you blog title.
website URL :type here your blog url, it must be like ——.blogspot.com if you using blogger.

and press NEXT.
see image below:

Adding free stat counter for blogger

then click : Configure and install code >>
see image below:

Adding free stat counter for blogger

after clicking Configure and install code >> you will go to page ask you to choose the kind of stat counter,
there is more 1 kind,
1: visible counter.
2: invisible counter.
3: visible counter on home page only.
4: button only.
choose your favorite one and hit NEXT.
see image below:

Adding free stat counter for blogger

at the next page you’ll be at stat counter code setup wizard.

find : do you use a web page editor?
and choose yes, i use.
and then choose blogger.
see image below:

Adding free stat counter for blogger

then click NEXT and you will generate your counter code.
Now go to blogger.com
log in to your blogger blogspot account, go to layout section.and click add new element at your template sidebar where you want to add the Stat counter. choose html / jave.
past the statcounter code. and click save.
and now you are done.

this stat counter contain alot of great free features,
and here is some of them. you can find this features when you log in to your account at statcounter.com
1. summary
2. popular pages
3. entry pages
4. exit pages
5. came from
6. keyword analysis
7. recent keyword activities
8. recent came from
9. search engine wars
10. visitor paths
11. visitor length
12. returning visits
13. recent pageload activities
14. recent visitor activity
15. recent visitor map
16. country/state/city/ISP
17. browser
18. system statistics
19. lookup IP address
20. download logs

and don’t forget that i’m here to help.
if you need any help please leave comment here,


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  1. Craig says:

    statcounter is somewhat dated, kinda surprised that this is not about google analytics or gostats (free systems that are more advanced)

  2. itgalary says:

    Have to try this.

  3. paradise19 says:

    come to paradise-19.blogspot.com

  4. mrjack says:

    Thanks a lot !

  5. Banner says:

    @Craig Google analystics is verry good

  6. Kurniawan says:

    Thank so much for your trick

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