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Adding a Follow By Email Gadget In Blogger Mobile View

Adding a Follow By Email Gadget In Blogger Mobile View

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Previously, I featured a tutorial on how you to hide (and show) your Blogger gadgets in mobile view. This time I’m sharing tutorial on adding a ‘Follow By Email’ gadget in your blog’s mobile view.

Why do this? Because we all know that the number of people using mobile devices to surf the web has dramatically increased over the past couple of years, so this will allow them to subscribe to you blog through their device!

(If you already have a ‘Follow By Email’ gadget then just skip to step number 6).

  • Login to your Blogger.
  • Go to Dashboard.
  • Head over to Layout.
  • Click on Add a Gadget and then select Follow By Email on the list.
  • Fill up the Title and FeedBurner URL fields on the form and save the gadget.
  • On you Blogger dashboard, head over to the Template section.
  • Click on Edit HTML and then Proceed.
  • Search for FollowByEmail1 in the code using Ctrl+F.
  • You should then find something like this:
<b:widget id=’FollowByEmail1’ locked=’false’ title=’Follow by Email’ type=’FollowByEmail’/>
  • Now all you have to do is just insert and add mobile=’yes’ inside the line of code as such:
<b:widget id=’FollowByEmail1’ locked=’false’ title=’Follow by Email’ type=’FollowByEmail’ mobile=’yes’/>
  • Save the template and you’re basically done!

NOTE: If you’re using a custom ‘Follow By Email’ gadget instead of the one in the gadget list then you may just create a separate mobile version of that custom gadget instead because it might not display correctly in mobile view. Just make sure that use mobile=’only’ instead of mobile=’yes’.

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  1. Greg Evans says:

    Hi, just set up a blog site and put the ‘follow by email’ gadget and shows on the PC but not mobile. So tried your instructions but when i put the mobile=’yes’ at the end as you suggest it plops in to the middle of the instructs when I say save. I then look at the mole and the follow by email gadget is not showing on a mobile. Any ideas? Thanks

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