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Add Static Follow Me Twitter Badge For Blogger.

Add Static Follow Me Twitter Badge For Blogger.

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Twitter getting more and more users every day,
and you can’t start up your blog without having a twitter account,
because if you are popular blogger, your readers will always want to know latest news about you, your blog, and your life too. so give your visitors easy way to follow you on twitter by adding this twitter Badge on your blogspot blog.
thanks for go2web20.net for providing us this easy tool.

Step 1

Go To This Page .
You’ll find a small form will ask you to customize your badge and then you’ll get your code in less than 2 minuets.

Twitter account: Type your twitter account user name

Label: Choose your favorite twitter badge label.

Color: choose your badge color.

Side: where do you want your twitter badge to be displayed.

From top: The space between top and badge in pixels.

After Customizing your badge click Update Code

You’ll see your code after you press Update Code button, copy the code and read step 2.

Step 2

Go to your blogger account dashboard, go to Layout >> Page Elements.
And on your template side bar, click Add A Gadget
then choose HTML/JavaScript.

Leave the title empty and at content area past the code that you copied at step 1.

Then press save.
And Now, Enjoy.

Live Twitter Badge Demo

Click here for demo and see the twitter badge running,
oh, please don’t forget to follow us. thanks.

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35 Responses | Post A Comment | Subscribe To Comments RSS Feed

  1. jameswied says:

    i don’t have acc twitter,but nice info bro

  2. Hi There, I tried using this and it didn’t work. It actually crashed my site. Any advice?

  3. borago says:

    How Can Twitter help my business?

  4. Max says:

    hi Get Your Cute On
    please re upload your template again and go throw steps carefully.

  5. Xtreme says:

    Used it but wen i click follow me button its going 2 another twitter users page

  6. xtreme says:

    sorry.its working wen i tried it second time


  7. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the great widget and all of the other helpful info! 🙂 I forgot that the widget box would still show up in the widget column as an empty space. I’ll probably just add some text pointing people to click on the twitter at the side so it doesn’t look funny.

  8. wiNK says:

    Very Nice Info . . .

  9. ayubenson says:

    thanks..very nice………

  10. ajdpadbury says:

    I really like this widget however it does not work properly as everything below where you place the widget disappears, including the footer credits. Even on your own demo, please email me a solution.

    • Max says:

      @ ajdpadbury, actually this is very wired problem with you, the widget is looks perfect for me on my demo and on a lot of my friends blogs, which browser do you use.

  11. sulltan says:

    its not working on BlueMania-TeknoMobi template,
    its a nice trick i m use using it on my other blog. but its not working on this blog ?

    • Max says:

      ok sultan, this is may be because of your browser if it’s not supporting java, please wait untell we add new tool wich will allow you to add twitter badge in easy way for your blog.

  12. ajdpadbury says:

    Both my laptops (work and home) show the same problem, both have different versions of Internet Explorer. I will leave it on my blog for a few hours for you to see as it removes the footer section including the credits which is unfair on the author! http://ajdpadbury.blogspot.com/

    Great site, I enjoy coming here!

    • Max says:

      @ ajdpadbury , i think this is your template problem, why don’t you try to change it, or please wait until we post another tutorial with another way to add this widget.

      PS. I’m watching your videos, this is amazing work, keep up the god job, thanks.

  13. ajdpadbury says:

    Thanks for the compliment, Max!

    I tried it with all three of my sites with different templates, all had the same problem, maybe I installed it wrong? I will try and remove the code and try again, if not I will await for another turorial, no problem!

    • Max says:

      @ ajdpadbury , can you tell me how do you install this widget to your template.

  14. samantha says:

    hey max,
    it’s a great button tutorial, but for some reason my button keeps pointing to a twitter user called ‘undefined’. please help!

  15. samantha says:

    ah.. it’s working now. just needs some time to adjust is it? thanks again 🙂

  16. Max says:

    hey samantha
    i’m glad coz its worked for you. btw, you can try our new tool ” twitter static badge generator ” in our tools page.

  17. naufal says:

    thanks. but can i changes the picture?

  18. Max says:

    HI naufal, Please check out our tools page.

  19. ahmad almessalami says:

    thank u , but … i want make it like u ..How

    Can you do this lesson is coming
    i want make icons such as Twitter on the side of blog

  20. dinil says:

    hay thanks
    but when i tried its just getting me
    to a site undefined

  21. Max says:

    hi ahmed, dinil, can you please try our new tool: Twitter Badge Generator For Blogger

  22. priyan says:

    hey max….

    thanx yaar can u teach the same method for adding static facebook and other badges….

  23. Jamie Snyder says:

    Thanks for keeping it simple!

  24. done but when i clik follow me then its show undefined account plz check and tell me the soloution

  25. Max says:

    @ Blogger Template Place , thanks dude for visiting me.
    @ mAmun_bangladeshi , Please visit our tools page. you can find a new tool with a lot of customizations.
    @ Jamie Snyder , thanks, you are welcome.

  26. praveen says:

    thanks buddy, i love it…. thanks again

  27. Pethum says:

    Thanks dear. this is what I am looking for.

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