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Add Mp3 player ( Music BackGround ) for blogger, + 20 Different Styles.

Add Mp3 player ( Music BackGround ) for blogger, + 20 Different Styles.

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Aloha all, Lets see how to add cool and simple mp3 music player to blogger ( blogspot blogs ). it’s presented by mixpod
It’s the best one yet because you can choose you style from more than +20 styles, and you can also customize it, you can manage your play list and add any file you want from url or from the site database. it’s awesome choice so lets see how to do it.

First Of All

You need to register a free account at mixpod it won”t take you 2 minutes, then log in to your account and lets go.

Step 1. Choosing your mp3 style

Go to mixpod by clicking here
And choose your favorite style from over 20 different styles. then click on Create A Playlist

20 Different Styles blogger mp3 music player
Once you find your favorite style click Create A Play list

Step 2. Creating your play list

There are two ways to add you favorite music and songs

  • Search the site database, it’s easy and I think you’ll find what you are looking for.
  • Add new music file by adding it’s URL.

20 Different Styles blogger mp3 music player
First Type a keyword to search the database, and once you find your song just click on add ( + ) icon next to it, Or just add your file if you have got it’s url.

Step 3. Saving your playlist and Getting the code

Just give your Playlist a name and hit the button “ Save ( Get Code )

20 Different Styles blogger mp3 music player

Step 4. Adding it to your blog.

Now you’ve got the code, go to your blogger account dashboard, and navigate to Layout, and on your sidebar click add a gadget. and choose HTML/JavaScript Add
then paste your player code and click Save


Click here for demo

And now you are done, i wish you liked it, please comment and follow me.

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  1. LnB says:

    I hope its allowed but I went into the code and changed the autoplay from true to false as I don’t want the playlist to play automatically. It seems to have worked.

  2. Lnb says:

    Just realised that there is a section in customize where you can choose whether to allow it to autoplay or not so noone needs to alter the code themselves. sorry

  3. nice gadget thank you

  4. Eam Eneri says:

    haha. that’s it! thank u so much. muah!

  5. Ehtesham says:

    I allready have an account and I allready knew about this trick, i didnt did it because i was afraid that my viewers will get disturbed =/

  6. Florence says:

    This thing is new for me, I’ll try this for my music blog. The best thing is, I can add my own tracks! Great!

  7. anurag says:

    very nice yaar i m new in blogger but i’ll try it. thanks bro

  8. Max says:

    thanks all, i wish you all nice funny time with your blogs.

  9. hassan says:

    thanxxxxx man its great visit my site ***http://justforevery1.blogspot.com****

  10. Max says:

    thanks hassan

  11. ngocthien says:

    Bình luận của bạn Đây …. * hic thakyou

  12. Lorin says:

    I wrote an useful article about adding music in blogspot, without having a player. It is very simple, just visit my blog at http://it-nthusiast.blogspot.com/2009/12/adding-background-music-to-your.html

  13. The Muffinprincess says:

    Its awesome !!Thanks alot 😀 I now have a official music blog 🙂 You R the best 😀 Muah

  14. amy says:

    thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Bing says:

    why does my player show but no music is playing?

  16. mon says:

    So Happy and Thank you so much!!!

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