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Add Google Buzz Button To Blogger.

Add Google Buzz Button To Blogger.

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Google buzz is now so popular and most of google users use Buzz, using Google buzz allow you to share photos, posts, notes, videos, your latest updates, and even much more, and doing this alone will take long time, but you can add a small button to your blog to let all your visitors buzz your blog posts and photos on their accounts.

This button features

This is a very easy button to use, once you install it, you are ready to go. just click buzz this, and you won’t be taken a new window, this button opens a new j-query window on the same page that let you buzz the page and then continue reading the post, The good thing here is that this button let you to select any part of the page with your mouse cursor. text or even photo, and it’ll be added to your buzz description.

How Too Add Google Buzz Button To Blogger

There are two options, a small button, and a large button, So what you have to do is to follow the steps below and choose your favorite button size.

Go to your blogger account and navigate to, Layout >> Edit html, And doing any thing you must check Expand Widget Templates box.
And find the next Code

<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

And after it, paste your button code You can get the button code in the next step

What, If you didn’t find the code above in your template, The try to find the following,


And paste the button code Before it.

The buttons codes.

Add Google Buzz Button To Blogger.

The large button code,

<a href='javascript:var%20b=document.body;var%20GR________bookmarklet_domain=&quot;http://www.google.com&quot;;if(b&amp;&amp;!document.xmlVersion){void(z=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;));void(z.src=&quot;http://www.google.com/reader/ui/link-bookmarklet.js&quot;);void(b.appendChild(z));}else{}'><img alt='Buzz this' src='http://img2.pict.com/15/da/3e/2809374/0/googlebuzz.png'/></a>

The small button code

<a href='javascript:var%20b=document.body;var%20GR________bookmarklet_domain=&quot;http://www.google.com&quot;;if(b&amp;&amp;!document.xmlVersion){void(z=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;));void(z.src=&quot;http://www.google.com/reader/ui/link-bookmarklet.js&quot;);void(b.appendChild(z));}else{}'><img alt='Buzz this' src='http://img2.pict.com/9c/09/57/2854010/0/buzzthis.gif'/></a>

, That’s it, To see a demo for this button please click here.

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  1. thanks for information a like this

  2. Anup says:

    Wow! great widget! Thanks for the code Max 🙂

  3. BEBEN says:

    MAX!!! you can do bring out counts for this hack??? (like retweet is show count on pic)

  4. alivx says:

    thanks you

  5. Anup says:

    Hi Max!

    Where is your pager link. Older post, Newer post and home links are not visible. Some days ago I have also these problem. But, I solved it my self 🙂

    You also solve your blog problem. See how to solve this problem:



  6. zacky says:

    I think Max is very busy, so he doesn’t have time to solve this problem…

    And thanks for your tips Max…

  7. fashionista says:

    Nice article..keep sharing it 😛


  8. This was a very much needed. Thanks for the awesome article on bringing this to life.

  9. Add Google share count button for blogger @ bit.ly/google-buzz-share-count-for-blogger

  10. Anup says:

    Hi Max,

    I need your help. Do you know to to rest top commentator widget in blogger? I need to exclude the previous comments in top commentator widget. Is there any trick for that? Any idea.

    Actually, I am organizing the top commentator contest in my blog. So, that’s why I need to rest top commentator widget.


  11. Whoa! Superbbbbbbbb

  12. very interesting my friend would immediately try thanks for the tips

  13. Max says:

    Hi all,
    thanks very much for your very encouraging comments,
    i’ll work harder to bring more and more tricks and tips.


  15. Sumon says:

    It’s very helpful !

  16. Max says:

    @ All , thanks for commenting,
    @ bay , thanks, i’ll add a tutorial about this soon.

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