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Add A Twitter Feed To Your Blogger

Add A Twitter Feed To Your Blogger

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In one of the previous tutorials we featured, you learned how to add a feed of recent Pinterest pins on your Blogger site. Today, I’d like to show you a tutorial that will teach you how to add a feed of recent tweets from Twitter. This is originally shared by Blogger user TS Bray and though it may seem daunting to those who have no background in coding, it’s actually quite simple and easy to accomplish.

Here are the steps you need to do:

First,  log in to your Twitter, head over to Settings and click on Widgets then on the Create new button. There you’ll be given the option to choose what type of Twitter feeds you’d like to display on your site:

  • User timeline tab –displays an entire feed from one person.
  • Favorites tab – displays feed that are “Favorited” by a particular user.
  • List tab – displays feed from a list of users that you are subscribed to or are a member of.
  • Search tab – displays feed based on hashtag/s.

Choose the one you want and provide the necessary information (ex. username, hashtag, etc.).

Click on Create widget to receive an embed code. Copy that code by pressing Ctrl+C.

Now log in to your Blogger dashboard.

Go to Layout and then click on any Add a gadget placeholder at the sidebar (or wherever you want the feed to appear).

Choose HTML/JavaScript from the list.

Paste the code you copied from Twitter onto the Content box (giving it Title is optional).

Click Save and preview your blog.

It should now display a Twitter feed. Enjoy and have a nice day!

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  1. g33ksquared says:

    Will this work with the dynamic theme?

  2. info yang sangat bagus sekali gan, terimakasih atas infonya gan…
    sangat membantu…..

  3. twitter memang sangat membantu kita untuk berjualan online yang bagus, apalagi FB,.,.

  4. Dia Mirza says:

    This sounds like a great widget to add in your blog..!

  5. Trouble handle with Samsung ML-1520 on WIN 8 Pro 64
    bit.Thanks to you !!!!!!Wonderful !!!!!!

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