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3 Outdated Blogging Rules

3 Outdated Blogging Rules

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Like with all things, rules in blogging are there to act as our guide to doing things effectively and efficiently. But there comes a time when established rules become outdated and inapplicable, and they end up being a hindrance rather than help in making you a better blogger.

And in this fast-moving information age, changes can occur more frequently in a short period of time so things need to adapt very quickly – even rules. On that note, below are three blogging rules that you might want to give a second thought before you even consider following.

Post as often as you can – This rule was created based on the thinking that if you post regularly – for example, daily – then people will think that you’re a serious blogger, which may lead to more traffic and regular visitors. Quantity vs. quality as they say, but the reality is that the other way around could also work just as effectively. Heck, it might even be better for your blog!

Keeping your posts short – This rule is based on the fact that lots of people have short attention span and so very long posts will turn them off and lead them away from your blog. That’s not always true, of course. Today’s readers are actually hungrier for information, so don’t be afraid to lay out as much relevant detail as possible. Furthermore, it’s not about people not wanting to read very long posts, it’s more about you making them want to read more.

Sticking to one topic – At first it may seem like a no-brainer because it makes you think about consistency since you don’t want to confuse your readers by throwing in irrelevant content into your blog. But if you think about it even further, you’ll realize that sometimes it’s good to get out of the box, so to speak. Put in something new that will refresh your readers. Being too consistent can lead to boring and monotonous content after all.


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  1. Really useful information. Thanks Dear!

  2. Espen Høgli says:

    Nice article.

    Never seen anyone recommend this.
    But do you think my blog post is too long?

    loved an honest opinion on how I can make my blog better


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