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Merging Two Google Plus Accounts

Merging Two Google Plus Accounts

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Managing multiple Google Plus accounts can be tedious sometimes, if you need to keep logging in and out between them. Good thing Google is able to solve this one out via Google Takeout!

This option lets you merge two accounts, you just have to select which ones will be your Source and Destination accounts. What it does is, it takes all information from your Takeout account and combine it in Destination account. Your Source account will then be removed and Destination account will remain. But don’t worry as the circles and other info in your Source account will be retained and redirected to the Destination account. The only ones that will not be transferred are the comments, information posts and Google+ pages.

Below is a great tip provided by Qasim Zaib if you happen to have two Google Plus accounts and want to maintain only one account without losing both contacts, followers and friends.

Steps on how to merge:

  1. Login to Google Takeout
  2. Click Transfer your Google+ connection to another account. After that, you’ll be asked to sign into your Destination account. Verify information for both accounts after signing in and you can now start to transfer.

Reminder: This is a new service so make sure you get the Source and Destination info right or else you can only correct the mistake after six months.


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