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Keyboard Shortcuts for Social Media Network Sites

Keyboard Shortcuts for Social Media Network Sites

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In today’s generation, almost everybody has their own social media network profile, be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others. If you’re one of them, perhaps you might want to know some keyboard shortcuts for fast and easy use.

Here’s something I learned from Qasim Zaib who provides us the some good shortcut keys on three of the most popular social media sites.


Alt + M Compose new message
Alt + / Main site search
Alt + 1 Go to home page
Alt + 2 Go to Timeline
Alt + 3 See friend’s requests
Alt + 4 Go to message inbox
Alt + 5 See all notifications
Alt + 6 Go to Account Settings
Alt + 7 Go to Privacy Settings
Alt + 8 Go to Facebook’s Profile Page
Alt + 9 Go to Facebook’s Terms of Service
Alt + 0 Go to Facebook Help Center


F Favorite
R Reply
T Retweet
M New direct message
N New Tweet
Enter Open Tweet Details
L Close all open Tweets

? List of all shortcuts
J Next Tweet
K Previous Tweet
Space Page down
/ Search
. Go to top and load new Tweets

G + H Go Home
G + C Go to Connect
G + A Activity
G + D Discover
G + R Mentions
G + L Lists
G + P Profiles
G + F Favorites
G + M Messages
G + S Settings
G + U Go to user

Google +

K Go to previous item in the stream (feed)
J Go to next item in the stream
Q Search for people to chat with (when chat windows is active)
Space Scroll down
Shift + Space Scroll up
Enter Start new comment (when focused on a post)
Enter + Tab End comment
@ or + Tag someone (start typing a name)

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