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Google Plans to Put an End to iGoogle on November 2013

Google Plans to Put an End to iGoogle on November 2013

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Google is planning to close one of its products, iGoogle, come November 2013. iGoogle was introduced in 2005 to provide users freedom to news updates, adding gadgets, calendar, horoscopes, quotes and more. It’s the same as its counterparts My Yahoo and My MSN homepages. It’s also a way to make search and advertising more relevant, as described by a former VP of search products and user experience at the time, since the iGoogle gadget is a new unique form of advertising.

Though iGoogle may not ring a bell to most of us, there are still old followers who don’t find the axing necessary.

Back in 2005, its entry became notable  to the market because it was a rich resource to keep updated with the RSS feeds of different websites as it would display on your iGoogle homepage which gives you easy access at the latest news and stories.

But with the present trend of new technology, the death of iGoogle is predictable as it was never upgraded, deprived of any improvement. Another is the rise of mobile applications which have everything in store for your needs that iGoogle failed to deliver. And Google’s release of Google Chrome for easy browsing dealt the final blow as it made iGoogle obsolete.


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  1. Reinhard says:

    Google tasks, G-mail and Google Calendar all appear in my browsers start page which is iGoogle. Is there anything else that Google actually has in mind to replace this extremely useful setup?? Why are they going to make me click on each app to see if I have new mail, new calendar reminders, and what my tasks for the day/week are? This move will make me migrate to other providers who will fill the gap.

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