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Our Services FAQs

Getting Started

Where can I get started?

Just visit Our Services Page. And we are ready.

How soon can we start ?

This question depends on our current statue, If we are free, Then we can start at the same day, If we are working on another project, we’ll tell you when we’ll be able to start on your own.

What information I need to include while ordering for a project?

The more information you give me, The more easy it will be for us, So you’ll get satisfied 100%.

Working Process

What is the work process ?

Once you decide to hire us, please go to Hire Us Now Page and tell us all your project requirements, Then we will send you my reply, Including ( the price – when i can start on your project – when i will finish ) after that, If you accepted, We will start working on your project at it’s time, Then we’ll show you the results, If you liked it (and we are sure you will ) then it’s ok, If you need any fixes, We’ll do it for free and show it for you again, We will keep working until you get satisfied. That’s it, Simple n’ easy.

How soon will I see results?

This question depends on your project, Some projects takes 1 hour to be done, Some needs at least a week to be done, basically we’ll tell you in our reply on your quote.

How do I contact you?

Once you send us a quote, we’ll give you all require details.

General Service Questions

Do you accept more that one project at the same time?

The answer is simple. NO, but if your project is a tiny one, we may do it.

Budget is tight. I’d like to pay $10 for my project. Are you cool with that?

Actually this question too depends on your project, so just contact us and lets see what we can do.

Are you sure you’re going to bring value to my blog / site / store ?

We believe that the first look and ease of usage are the main factors in any website or blog success , And This is what we do.

Will you feature my company in your online portfolio?

Not all projects will be featured, Only if We make a big part the project was a main part of your site / blog. sorry for that.

Do you have any discount offers?

Sure we have, it’s all about your project, and specially if you are a loyal ( returner ) client. Or if your project is a huge one. The larger the project, the larger the discount.

Do you do revisions and fixes?

Just let us know that you need something updated. Depending on what it is and its complexity, we will either do it for free or discuss an additional fee. we work until you are happy.

Payments And Refunds

How can I pay?

We accept all credit cards and western union ( we will accept more methods soon ).

When do I pay you?

We prefer upfront payment but we give the option for a 50% deposit to start work on your project. Up to you.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy?

Sure. We offer a 100% refund if we miss the deadline without notice. Easy. Before we refund, we’ll do everything we can to make you and your client happy.

What currency do you use?

United States Dollars.

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