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How To Add It To Your Blog.
  • 1. Please follow the instructions given on this post, How To Addi Signature To Blogger Posts.
  • 2. Or just download your signature image and use it in your posts using the normal image uploading ways.

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  1. Wind Dancer says:

    I wrote about this signature generator in my last post. I am only doing this because I am sincerely impressed with it, I mean nothing more. I hope you do not mind. It is just something I truly enjoy, and if I can perhaps spread the word I enjoy doing so. Right now since my blog is so new it most likely will be seen by family members, BUT I might add I have a BIG family and they are all bloggers. If you would like me to remove it I will. Thanks for everything again, I am really truly a faithful reader.

  2. Max says:

    hi wind dancer.
    again and again we are so and very happy to see you here
    we are very happy to have a great reader and visitor for allblogtools.com like you.
    you are always the best.
    An honor for us to write about it.
    and we hope we can make you happy all time.
    thanks for every thing.
    please let us know if you need any help.

  3. Kazelakn says:

    Hi webmaster! muo

  4. sagar says:

    really iam impresed by this blogger tool.Is there any method to insert similar widget to our own site/blog??

  5. Max says:

    hi sagar
    this is not widget, this is script.
    and you cann surly run similar scripts on your site if you don’t host it for free. or your hosting plan supporting this kind of scripts.

  6. marie says:

    I’m having trouble copying my signature to my blog. Now, I’m “challenged” when it comes to all the greatness technology has to offer. So please give great detail. I clicked, copy and paste. Where on the blog do I put the new information? I use blogger.
    Sorry I’m so “challenged” lol

  7. Max says:

    hi marie said. please visit the following post to learn more about using your signature

    adding Signature to blogger Posts

  8. Thanks for adding me in your Friends….

  9. ania says:

    thank youuuu!!! u guys are super awesome! 😉

  10. smgaff says:

    I put my sig on my blog but it has a box around it. is there any way to get rid of the box.

    I use blogger. thanks

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