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WhatFontIs.Com: A Free User-Friendly Font Gallery and Identifier

WhatFontIs.Com: A Free User-Friendly Font Gallery and Identifier

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One of the great things about AllBlogTools.com is we are a community of real-life bloggers looking for new tips, tricks, tutorials, and news in blogging, web design, and web development.

We love receiving suggestions from our readers to help keep us improving our services. So whether you have a personal, business, or niche enthusiast blog, you can always count on us to bring you the latest and greatest information in our field. And one of these latest discoveries happened just this way.

In this blogging world, there are many customizable elements, colors, graphics, design sensibilities and all, and one major component that can really enhance the visual design on your website is your font!

How many times have you enjoyed a site and asked out loud – What font is that? If that’s the case, it’s a no-brainer: simply visit www.whatfontis.com.

Whatfontis.com works exactly as its title suggests. It’s a font finder and online typeface identifier with extra perks. Not only can you browse through an extensive gallery of both free and premium fonts, but its uniqueness comes from detecting and identifying font styles from character images (jpeg, gif or png formats), or from a URL.

Simply upload the image with the font, follow the 3 easy steps, and in a few seconds check the online font ID for similar and exact matches!

It’s user-friendly, straightforward, and fast; whatfontis.com is a definite must-have in your arsenal of design tools. Check it out today!

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