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WordPlus Blogger Template

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WordPlus Blogger template is the latest creation by web designer Naveed Iqbal / theme-junkie which was released last July 22, 2013. It has 3 More Color Schemes that is great for magazine and news-style websites. Aside from the color scheme, the creator designed a cool slider for easy navigation with the latest posts.

This template is very well-done and it’s also great for sites that cover sports, health, technology, gadgets, products, movies, blog, and other informative styles. One of the most responsive templates out there that is inspired by WordPress template, users will definitely have a great tour on your site and will be back for latest posts.

Also this template has a new way of displaying its child category items in a separate and different style. Users can use this theme in 3 more color schemes. To change the colors, follow these steps provided by Bloggertheme9.com.

For step #1
Search for this color code: #CD781E
Change it with: Black:  #444446 – Green: #79904A – Blue: #41A2CD

Search for color code : #B25710
Change it with: Black:  #222222 – Green: #607848 – Blue: #29779B

Search for:

Change it with the following:
Black: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-Lg7Ohp4JaZY/UexZ6vmnQhI/AAAAAAAABvY/1jrJD87HQ00/s1600/color-black.png
Green: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ehWtYb993FM/UexZ-iSHPtI/AAAAAAAABvo/-af6x-gfssw/s1600/color-green.PNG
Blue: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-qqoYXNwMv_M/UexZ8M025jI/AAAAAAAABvg/Wme4_9h_wUM/s1600/color-blue.png

Note: If you wish to remove the slider, the author has made these steps for you.

Add below line before : ]]></b:skin>

.container, #previous_button, #next_button{display:none}

 search for line code
#header-area {height: 385px;}

Change height from “385px” to “158px” and you’re done!

Download it right here.

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