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iGallery Portfolio Blogger Template

Template Futures

If you’re a budding artist or photographer, or if you have plenty of content that features fashion, lifestyle, beauty, or food, the iGallery template for Blogger is

a good match for you.

As its name implies, iGallery lets you feature your photos and images in the homepage minus the clutter. It doesn’t have a sidebar in the main page so your viewers can simply enjoy your photo thumbnails; the right sidebar only appears once you click on one of the thumbnails to view it as an individual post.

iGallery is also good for magazine, business, and corporate websites that have plenty of product and service photos to feature. Its animated thumbnails make viewing interesting, because hovering over any of them allows its title to appear. It’s also responsive, so your site will be displayed intuitively and beautifully on both mobile and desktop devices.

iGallery’s other features include:

  • 3-column footer
  • Page navigation menu
  • SEO-ready
  • Social sharing optimization
  • Dropdown menu
  • This professional-looking minimalist template will ensure that your potential clients and audience will be impressed at your aesthetic sense. You can download iGallery Blogger template here, and view its instructions for installation and advanced configuration.

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