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Forever & Ever Template

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Forever and Ever template is a creation by Blogger Candy for Blogger sites. The features of this nice template include an easy-to-do plain text header so you will no longer need to make your own image,plus  the ‘pages’ links are in the header section, above the title of your blog site (note: drag the pages widget to the top of your blog). It’s free but as what the creator says, it is not to be re-distributed in any way. It’s only for personal use.

This template has a clean, simple and elegant look which is perfect for blog sites that include beauty tips, beauty products, accessory items like jewelries, bling-blings, bags, shoes, food and recipes, health, podcasts, personal blog and other related topics. It may also be used on other blog formats as it comes with two different variations – green (which has the masculine type of look) and pink (which is more on the feminine side).

You can get it for free by liking Suck my Lolly’s Facebook page.  The template, which is available in green and pink variations, is sold normally at $25 on suckmylolly.com. However, if you liked the page, you will get this exclusive teal version so what are you waiting for, check out the Facebook page and click like. If you already did, you can now download it from the “FREE TEMPLATE” tab at the left hand side.


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