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Pinfinity Responsive Template

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Today’s featured template design actually started off only as a theme for WordPress, but was then eventually made to be compatible with Blogger as well because of the positive feedback. Designed by CSSIgniter, its look is clearly inspired by the design layout of the popular photo-sharing website Pinterest, hence its name, Pinfinity.

It is able to support various post formats like videos, music files, images, quotes, links, and general textual posts. Striking features include infinite scrolling, built-in audio player with the ability to share audio tracks, built-in Favorite (heart-shaped) button with mark counter, and a responsive design which enables it to work well with all hand held devices or any screen resolution. As for basic features, it has a dropdown menu and an attractive social sharing widget.

Other features worth noting:

  • Easy to operate theme option panel with required settings.
  • Many color choices are given to pick from.
  • Short codes integrated to enhance buttons, links, dividers and more.
  • Improved coding style with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Details theme documentation with good forum-based user support.
  • Supports all widely used browsers.

An advantage of this design layout is that you have the ability to display and share your content on a single page because it is grid-based combined with infinite scrolling. People who use Pinterest will surely be at home with Pinfinity. Despite that this template looks perfect for media-focused content like image and video and is heavily influenced by Pinterest, this theme is still definitely suitable for any magazine type websites or blogs.

Share your online findings with your visitors a la Pinterest with this Tumblr-like theme, which you can DOWNLOAD HERE.


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  1. tuba says:

    How to add a date ? Thank you

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