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Zinmag Remedy

Template Futures

professional magazine template. with hundreds of the features. so read the details and enjoy. Magazine blogger templates

Before using: This template need very skilled person to customize it, and here is demo for the template before
customization click here . and here is another demo after customization.click here

This template is compatible with : Internet Explorer 8, Firefox RC3, Opera 9.6,
Google Chrome
4 columns.
gadget ready.
2 navigation bars ready.
search box ready.
3 Feature Content boxes.
2 rss icons ready.
3 ads blocks ready.
video space ready.
footer gadget ready.
and the amazing thing. the great top navigation bar.
you must check it out.

When you download this zipped file, extract it to read the instructions file. it called. installing-zinmag-remedy-Help.txt
and it’ll help you to
Set up the First Header Navigation Bar
Set up the Second Navigation Bar
Set up the ‘Feature Slide Carousal’ on the top of the main page
Set up the ‘Featured Content’ on the top of the main page
Set up the Main Page’s Ads Space
How to hide article’s content on the main page
Set up the ‘Video of the day’
Set up the Tabber
Set up the ‘Highlight Reel/ Featured Content’ on the top of the sidebar
Set up the 125×125 Ads
Set up the Email Subscribe button
Set up the Content page’s Ads Space

Demo Click here For Demo test
Instructions Page instructions page here
Source And Designer 'Remedy WP Theme' Designed by 'Web Hosting Geeks' | Bloggerized by FalconHive.com
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  1. EricD says:

    Great template. Love it. Thnx!!!

  2. Max says:

    hi EricD, thanks , we hope you enjoy using it,

  3. pinoy says:

    how do you remove the subscribe via e-mail? below the blogger post

  4. Akhil says:

    How to add date on the top left corner as seen in this:http://web2feel.com/remedy/

  5. Akhil says:

    Also im not able to change the default Header with desired Image

  6. Max says:

    hi Akhil. sorry for our late answer.
    about adding the date this need a small tutorial, we’ll try to add it here soon.
    and about the default header image.this template have no header image, on it’s header there is only blog title with empty colored background.

  7. Akhil says:

    hai Max, thanks for ur reply …

    the prob is not about default header,iam not able to add my desired header image in place of default one

  8. Max says:

    hi Akhil again.
    sorry but the point here is that there is no default one.
    send me your blog link please.

  9. Radzied says:

    so nice.. ^^,

  10. verollete says:

    why error always occured whenever internet explorer try to open my website. is there anything i can do so everyone can see my site with any web browsers

  11. sachiko says:

    is this also available for Blogger? or just for WordPress?

  12. PCinstaller says:

    If you have trouble shooting please contact me via myblog, I’ll help you..

  13. Deepak says:


    i have a problem. In the top of the Zinmag Remedy templete, there is 4 picture, i could change the picture but there is two more option, POST title and Past your post. i want if someone click on the pic then, a post will be open.

    plz also tell me, is it possible if i can rotate the pictures (like if i have 10 pic, so they come one by one.

    thanks in advance

    can i do that plz suggest.

  14. Max says:

    hi Deepak
    thanks for your comment, you can do all this. it needs long time to try and do it,
    but i’m too busy now a days to try to figure it out,

    the best way is to visit the converter page


  15. dileep says:

    This template is bad for SEO and traffic .. search engines will not search your site when this template is installed .. ultimately your blog traffic n visitors will b NIL .. !!

  16. Wooo this is amazing

  17. Al says:

    The seach box won’t search my site or find my content. How do I get the search box to work in blogspot?

    This is the code I have:


  18. faisal says:

    How nice template.. i will try it.. thanks..

  19. seksenyedi says:

    great magazine template

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