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Template Futures

free premium blogger template, professional artistic dark banner and backgrounds. 3 columns, right sidebars, fixed width, pro search box, Subscribe to feed icon ready, social bookmarking buttons at the end of each post. time stamp.
Art blogger template.

Demo Click here For Demo test
Instructions Page instructions page here
Source And Designer created in Dreamweaver with ThemeDreamer
Imagery courtesy of Billy Alexander
Converted by WordPress To Blogger for WP Blogger Themes
Distributed by Deluxe Templates
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  1. This template may make me consider changing templates for one of my blogs! This is a real beauty!
    Thanks for sharing you guys, as usual!

  2. Max says:

    hi Allison or Moon Writer
    we are very glad to see you here again.

  3. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Dear admn how to remove the “edit” buttons from this blog.
    On the Right side of the Blog there are 3 Buttons “Home” “edit” and “edit”
    How to replace them.
    Plz help

  4. Max says:

    hi Bilal Ahmad,
    please check out this tutorial,

    Editing blogger top menu Links

  5. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Dear Admn how to remove the Social Book Marks Buttons.

  6. JO says:

    Can someone help me. This is the second template I have attempted to put on my profile. I really like this one and want to use this template for my blog but it keeps giving me errors. I followed the instructions quite carefully (not that it was very difficult)and still nothing. Please help!

  7. Floyd says:

    Wow, I have tried many templates and this one is certainly up toward the top of my extended list what a great looking template this is, it is on my blog right now, I try out a lot of different templates but I am going to have to leave this one up a while, great job.

    Jo if you come back by this way drop over to my blog, I will try and help you if I can just drop me a line or comment.

  8. Bilal Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir, plz tell me how to remove these social Bookmark buttons

  9. Francisco says:

    Hi there. I had a little problem installing this template, which is amazing by the way. The thing is, the date on the side of the post titles just says “undefined” piling over the title.

    Can I fix this and how? Please help!

  10. SAHD Dad says:

    I also love this template and I’m currently trying to change my blog over to it.
    I have two questions, and I didn’t see them covered in any of the general blogging tricks articles; if I missed them, I’m sorry.
    1) This template comes with predefined Gadgets named Blogger Templates & Deluxe Templates. Are these simply designed to be examples of Link Lists? I couldn’t find any way to use them? Is there any reason to keep them?
    2) I like the setup on your predefined Gadget labeled “My Blog List.” I’d like to have a second identical Gadget (differently named and with different content, of course). How can I do this?
    Any and all help appreciated!

  11. So… Is there anyway to change/add gadgets to the blog site with this template? It has some already preset, but I’ve lost the ability to use gadgets that blogger provides. Help?

    • Max says:

      ok, this is a serious problem, i think you have to contact the template author.

  12. Uthman says:

    I start using it ….

  13. Dean says:

    I tried using it, but the sidebars break in IE 8 and the footer is messed up. Looks great in all other browsers, but useless if it can’t work in IE.

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