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Simple Style 5

Template Futures

3 column template, right sidebars. Green, white, rounded corners. top navigation menu, fixed width. Nature blogger templates
Green nature, tree leaves banner

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Source And Designer Design by Template Lite Converted to Blogger by Falcon Hive.com
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  1. hendra says:

    now i have problem, i has enable comment status in blogger dashboard, with anonymous and not moderated. but i can’t send comment ..

    can u send me any solution ? because i like so much this template..


  2. Max says:

    please double check your comments settings at your blogger dashboard.

  3. hendra says:

    thanks for support max,
    i fix problem, is not form script template. but is form Wireless connection can’t load some script website.. 🙂
    low bandwidth .hee..

  4. Max says:

    hi hendra, i’m glad that you fixed you problem.

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