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Ifat Violet

Template Futures

3 column up to 4, widget ready fixed width, 2 right sidebar. pink girly banner,violet flowers, pink, violet blogger templates notepad layout personal page suitable.
top horizontal menu, search box.widget tap on sidebar.

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  1. I am starting a new blog using the template above. I just love it, but it has no quik-edit pencils, and on the top the EDIT button there does not work. I really love this template I do not want to change it, but posting or making corrections is really a pain in the butt. I would not mind if it just had the Navigation Bar, Would you take the time to help me out here?
    It would be so appreciated
    Happy New Year

  2. Max says:

    hi Allison White
    today i logged in my allblogtools account and saw your comment,
    i have to finish part of work here, but i left it all, and i tried to solve this template problem for you, for about 3 hours, and finally
    It works now perfectly, so please download the template again and upload it to your blog,
    please if you found my time worth some thing for you, link back to allblogtools.com on your blog sidebar,

  3. Yup I have to thank you very much,I did what you suggested and I have the edit pencils. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Matter of fact in the years of doing blogs and running into problems you are the first one that has EVER taken the time to acknowledge me and on top of that fix the problem. I will write a post about your help in this if you will give me permission. I feel its important for others to know about those that go the extra mile such as you did for me. I will await for your permission or not,
    Thank you again,

  4. Max says:

    hi Allison White
    thanks for your nice and very kind words, and please tell me if you need any help about blogging,you are always welcome.
    and about writing post about this help, it’s honor and proud for me to see you writing about it.
    it ok for sure and please send me a link when you write it.
    c u and thanks for every thing

  5. Alison White says:

    I am so glad you said it would be okay to write about what you did for me. I always find it so wonderful to find someone in this world of high tech and the internet, etc. that goes the “extra mile” and that is what I feel like you did for me. I am sharing Allison Whites computer, and I do not know how come the first time I commented it came up her name, so I just left it like that. (We are best friends, therefore a compliment!) LOL!! But my name is Wind Dance and the blog is actually mine.(She too was so impressed she is talking about writing about you guys on her blogs) She is the one who turned me onto this site. Anyway I just wanted to straightened that out. If you would like to read what I wrote the address is http://57dancer.blogspot.com.
    Again thanks for going the extra mile

  6. Max says:

    hi Wind Dance
    i can’t write any thing but WOW
    we wanna say 100000 thanks for your and your friend Alison White
    Thanks for you amazing and very kindness words,
    we really don’t know how to thanks you about this ,
    And we hope you still love us and our website,

    btw, there is 2 points i wanna talk about ,here.

    1: you said that : So I decided to write the person that made this template
    Thanks but we are not the designer for this template.
    we design templates and publish it here, and we contact some templates designers to publish their templates on our site, and if they said it’s ok, we publish the templates, all templates here are published under real designer Licenses.
    we felt that you must know that,

    2 : the second point you said that : there was no navigation bar.
    Sorry but we forgot this while we was fixing the editing pencil.
    so please let us know if you need to make your navigation work,
    thanks for every thing,

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