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Green Gloss

Template Futures

3 columns, right and left sidebars. fixed width, top horizontal menu. green general color,arrows banner. business xml blogger templates rounded corners, gray text area background, adsense ready.

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Source And Designer By yanku-template
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  1. Anurag says:

    Awesome template! Just a little help needed.
    How can i reduce the height of the top banner above tabs.Please advice

  2. Max says:

    hi Anurag.
    reducing the height of the banner is very easy. but you need care about the numbers we’ll mention here.
    coz the height of the banner is routed some how to the top navigation menu. so you’ll need to calculate the number of pixels that you need to remove, for example, if the banner height is.

    250px, and you need to make it 200px only. you need to keep in mind that you removed 50px exactly. to remove it of the top navigation menu height too.

    this is was a small description. so lets go.
    log in to you blogger account.
    and choose layout. then select Edit html.
    and find the next code at the template code.

    this is the main banner height. is you want to make it only 240px. just change the number from 267px to 240px.

    ok, and now we reduced the main banner hight, and now we want to edit the top navigation menu height.
    so please find.
    and try to culculate the pixles that you removed from the height of the banner. 267-240 = 27, so we’ll remove 27px from 240px.
    so change the code
    top:240px; TO top:213px;
    and cilck Save template.

    now you are not all done. you’ll need to change the banner image to looks goods with your new height.
    if you need additional help.please tell us.


  3. Anton says:

    nice template

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