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Featured Template Johny Sompret Banget

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Are you in search of a nice Blogger template that has a professional-looking design which you can incorporate into that news site you’re thinking about putting up?

Well, check out this template designed by Blogger user MasKolis from Indonesia. The template’s name is Johny Sompret Banget, and not only is it loaded with features but the layout itself is nicely thought out and pretty decent. At first glance, I already like where the ‘Latest Posts’ portion is located, which is directly below the headlines’ gallery, and easy to spot.

Visitors of the site can also easily find where the different news categories are (Label 1, Label 2, Label 3), which just surrounds the ‘Latest Posts’.

Another thing that’s nice about this template is that it’s image friendly, meaning that there’s just enough space to put an image on almost each and every article, and what’s amazing about it is that it doesn’t feel like it’s crowded. The person who’s viewing the web page isn’t likely to be overwhelmed by the images.

The video gallery is found at the bottom, which I consider to be conveniently placed. The template also has just the right amount of column footer (3). And lastly, the social sharing widget is clearly viewable from near the top of the page and just sitting right beside the main headline.


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  1. varun says:

    A very combined package type template

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