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Art Template

Template Futures

Great designed template for artistic blogs and bloggers,
3 column, left and right sidebar, fixed width, search box, feeds and rss icon ready, light brown, vector flowers background, colorful sidebars and banner.
3 column blogger template.
Need a web host? Art Template can go well with shared hosting.

Demo Click here For Demo test
Instructions Page instructions page here
Source And Designer a hr’>Bloggerized by FoolBlogger for Celebrity News.
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  1. chum says:

    why the collumn of home,about,contact and faq cant be clicked???
    please help me

  2. dimi7 says:

    I have the same problem with above.
    The template uploader/maker could drop a comment of how to solve this bug.

  3. Max says:

    hii all
    thanks for commenting, actually this template converted from a wordpress theme, so the person who converted it, didn’t make every thing works, but we still wanna say thanks for him.

  4. HALEY says:

    yo, something’s up with photobucket on this one. check yoru demo

  5. Max says:

    oh my god, that’s too bad and looking very ugly, sorry for this, once the photobucket account reactivated , please upload the template images to your favorite hosting site,

    sorry for this

  6. Reynold Hugh says:

    I have a question that is your template also Search Engine Optimized?

    Art Website Templates

  7. Max says:

    @ Reynold Hugh, sorry but it’s not SEO’ed.

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