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Template Futures

  • Magazine Blogger Template
  • 2 colums, 1 sidebar
  • Fixed width, Right sidebar.
  • Silver color, Black background.
  • This template for personal page,business blogs
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  1. Alison White says:

    This is a beauty. I have been wanting to change my template for Wood-Alley. I think I may just use this one. Very nice.
    How does it look with pictures? Do they go on the read more section, like Cellar Heat Dark I got from here? I sure would like to know. Will you reply if you get the chance?
    Allison A.K.A. Moon-Writer
    Keep up the great work. I still look forward to every one of your posts!

  2. Max says:

    hi alison, welcome back to allblogtools.com,
    i don’t think that this template display the images in the index or archive pages.

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