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Template Futures

  • Fixed width, Black background.
  • Fantastic Blogger Templates
  • 2 colums, 1 sidebar
  • Dark color, Right sidebar.
  • This template for Photography, Personal, blogs

  • It’s good template with top navigation bar,Search box ready, RSS icon…
  • Demo Click here For Demo test
    Instructions Page instructions page here
    Source And Designer Author page
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    1. hasan says:

      This template is just superb. i just need little help with its slider script.
      Actually I am not a web programmer. I read the instruction page but couldn’t fix it. If anyone can help me how to set the slider script i ll be grateful.

    2. Max says:

      hi hasan, for the slider it’s very easy, just go to instructions page, and find this part
      For the slider, find this code below, then replace everything in red portion with your own preferred links.
      after it, there is a code, after installing this template for your blog, try to find this codes by going to >> LayOut >> Edit html >> and find the codes in the instructions page, then change the line in red color to any image URL you want, i hope you can do it, and if you still have any problems, please don’t hesitate to ask me here again.

    3. Rajdip Biswas says:

      this theme is just superb……..
      i just have some problem with uploading photos in “Recent Photos”. So if anyone willing to help me out….thanx.

    4. Rajdip Biswas says:

      Well in the instruction page i am still missing the information regarding uploading “RECENT PHOTOS”……i have already installed this theme but unable to upload photos….is if u plz help me


    5. Max says:

      @ Rajdip Biswas
      please read the following instructions.

      For the slider, find this code below, then replace everything in red portion with your own preferred links.

      <h1>Recent Photos</h1>
      <div class='sliderwrapper' id='slider2'>
      <div class='contentdiv'><img alt='image' src='/templatemo_image_1.jpg'/></div>
      <div class='contentdiv'><img alt='image' src='/templatemo_image_2.jpg'/></div>
      <div class='contentdiv'><img alt='image' src='/templatemo_image_3.jpg'/></div>
      <div class='pagination' id='paginate-slider2'>
      <a class='toc' href='#'>1</a> <a class='toc anotherclass' href='#'>2</a> <a class='toc' href='#'>3</a>

      I wish this will help.

    6. joojoo says:

      i did it
      it is not working
      no way
      u can tchacking it by the mous

    7. Jeshmal4u says:

      The image is not correctly loading.. please help……….

    8. Max says:

      @ Jeshmal4u, the images bandwidth must exceeded. please wait till the images work again and download it, then upload it to your favorite hosting site.

    9. hello there.. how come there’s no more instruction page? When i click the link it says page cannot be found? Where can i have the instruction for this template? This is so cool.. love it!

    10. Kyra says:

      mmmm i did as the intructions say but the slide show dosent work

      • Max says:

        hi kyra, i just tried the template slider and it worked like a charm.
        so please try it again.

    11. motshy says:

      nice work ^_^

    12. mr.mebooo says:

      nice man do more

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