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Smells Like Facebook

Template Futures

Facebook fans blogger template, 2 column and left side bar,
fixed width, web 2 look, lovely facebook colors.
top navigation menu, customized navbar.
search box ready.

Demo Click here For Demo test
Instructions Page instructions page here
Source And Designer a hr’>AUTHOR URI: http://nazieb.com/
PUBLISH: http://trik-tipsblog.blogspot.com
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  1. Although I do not need a new template at the time, this one is awesome! I love it!
    Allison also known as Moon-Writer

  2. jefky says:

    how to edit the menu?could you give the tutorial to modify the template please?


  3. Max says:

    hi jefky check out this tutorial

    Edit blogspot blog top menu links

  4. Evyl-kun says:

    Hi ~~ thx for this template, I wish to put an another avatar than this anonym guy face XD …how can I do it ? … and how can I do it for multiple people ?

  5. tHARUMAN says:

    Ur template is great but how do I change the avatar for every post??

  6. Tharuman says:

    Also, how did u add the “http://wpbloggerthemes.blogspot.com” after Demo – Smells Like Facebook on the title?? please helpp

  7. SHK says:

    Guyz u don’t have to worry about avatar!!

    You can go to gravatar, register and upload ur pic or ajust upload any image from net OR just copy the link of the which u want in the blog and post it EDIT HTML

    Search For This in the template and post ur link there!! thats it!!

  8. Max says:

    HI SHK, thanks for the info.

  9. Jim says:

    How do you get gravatar to work in blogger?

  10. Nicolas says:

    I’m using it and this template its simple awesome, I like it so much.

    I found the same template but with 3 columns (2 sidebars) and now it really looks more like a FB profile.


    And you can see how I had improved some things in my blog.
    SImple awesome.!!!


    A tip:
    If you want to change the default “gravatar” next to the entries title and in the comment box, just go to edit HTML (whole), use F3 or Control+F to search “gravatar” and change that image by the one you want.

    The default size is 35 x 35, but it works good until 50 x 50.

    See ya.!

  11. lirik says:

    nice templates

  12. Felipe says:


    This template is excellent.
    There’s avaiable a newer version of this template SEOptimized and adapted from current Facebook Profile Display.
    Check it out!

    Facebook Style Blogger Template


  13. kkk says:

    How do you get gravatar to work in blogger?

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