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Polaroid Press Fixed

Template Futures

2 column, left sidebar, rss icon, top navigation menu.
light blue, clouds background.Vector post blogger templates
top navigation horizontal menu.
web2, photography blogger template.
top left square pink tree image.
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Polaroid Press

Just another Blogger blog

and change the title.

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    1. great! thanks for sharing!

    2. dattai says:

      hey u

      can i exchange link with u ?

    3. This is very nice

    4. Kerry says:

      I am new to this please explain how to change picture and title?

      • Max says:

        you need to be familiar with photo editing software ex. Photoshop.
        then download the image and edit it as you like, the re upload it to any hosting site, and replace the new image url with the current one, you can replace the image url by going to
        blogger dashboard >> layout >> edit html.

    5. Kaili says:

      Hi Max, I really like this template, but how can i change the picture of the tree to another picture. I have tried looking in the html code to see if I can find the tree url so i can change it with my own image url but no luck.


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