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Template Futures


  • Red color, White background.
  • Girly Blogger Templates
  • 2 column, Right sidebar
  • Fixed width, 1 sidebar.
  • This template Love, Girly, Personal blogs

  • This is very nice template with very nice header iamge, Nice navigation menu, Right sidebar…
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  1. Lori says:

    Hey. So I was playing around with your “personal blog” template and I’, having some trouble with setting up the links – I wonder if you can help. I’m sorry but I’ve never done much coding before so my question might be ridiculous!
    So I’m trying to set up the links for ‘Home’, ‘About me;, etc. and I got the Home one to work easy enough but the other ones not so much. I think what I don’t know is what URL to include for these pages. I thought I was to use the URL that was given under the page elements for each widget but that doesn’t work because they’re all the same. Can you give me a specific example to use with this template? I would really appreciate it.

    • Max says:

      the best way to make this links works, is to create a post that called about us, then write it’s content as you like, and view it, when you view it, just copy it’s url from your browser address bar, then use it as ‘ about us’ page url. that’s it.

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