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Octavia Blogger Template

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For today’s template feature, we bring you the Octavia Blogger Template which is designed by Fabthemes. It is another WordPress-inspired template that is used for Blogger so if you happen to be a WP user, you will enjoy this one out as well. This template was published last September 29, 2012 and since then many users have used this awesome template in their blog sites.

Some of the features of the template include:

  • 1 sidebar
  • 2 columns
  • 3 column-footer
  • adapted from WordPress which gives a fresh new look and allows WP users to use it without a hassle
  • clean and elegant look
  • featured section
  • fixed width
  • magazine-style design
  • right sidebar
  • slider for images
  • top navigation bar
  • developed with Web 2.0
  • white background for a clearer design layout
  • highly customizable

You can configure the slider by looking for the code below:

<a href='SLIDER-1-URL-HERE'><img class='slide-image' src='http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-fPRrxFGnI7s/UGWax4SEIkI/AAAAAAAAG1o/aK_jr-UP89Y/s1600/image1-940x400.jpg'/></a>

<a href='SLIDER-2-URL-HERE'><img class='slide-image' src='http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-_twkQH8oWBY/UGWaz1QUofI/AAAAAAAAG1w/qsD7p1w-prI/s1600/image2-940x400.jpg'/></a>

The image slider has two slides available. You can add another one if you want and for each slide, simply replace “SLIDER-X-URL-HERE” with your own slide URL. The image can be replaced also so changed it with your preferred image as well.

You can also add links to top navigation menu. Go to Layout > Click on Edit link of Edit This Menu widget.

Download the template for free!

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