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Notepad Chaos

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right sidebar, 2 columns, widget ready. top horizontal menu, search box. great pro banner, one of the most Amazing Notepad blogger templates

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Source And Designer By gosublogger.com
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  1. I love this template! very cool

  2. KoShiatar says:

    I love the template, however I feel it is not converted well from WordPress. The “about” and “archives” buttons don’t work, post dates are not displayed and “Undefined” is shown in their stead, you cannot write in the footer like you could do in the WordPress version…

  3. Max says:

    hi KoShiatar
    thanks for taking time writing to us.
    actually you can solve all this problem, some templates needs some customization.
    about the top menu links, about and archives, must be customized to your blog links, you can learn this easy by visiting out blogger tricks section.
    and about the date. you have to edit it from your blog settings.
    about the footer, this is the easiest thing, add new gadget and select text. then enter your text, and click save, and drag it to your template bottom.
    if you still need any help. please contact us.

  4. KoShiatar says:

    Hello! Thank you for answering me so swiftly. What I still need to do is to enlarge a bit the main body of the blog, so that I can post drawings on it. It needs to be at least 550 pixels large. I think I should modify the graphics to do that. But where do I have to modify the code? I think to achieve what I want, I need to shrink the right sidebar as well…

  5. KoShiatar says:

    As I thought, there is no way that Blogspot will let me drag a gadget to the template bottom.

  6. ietoh says:

    *sigh, finally i get the right template that fit me well. it’s so cool. the details are so sophisticated. love it.

    thanks thanks thanks thanks

  7. Max says:

    hi KoShiatar
    sorry for my answer late.
    to enlarge the main body of the blog you need to do 2 things.

    1. edit the template code by changing the pixels value, for example : if the body width= [ width=”400px” ] you’ll need to make it width=”550px” and so.
    there is second step to make your blog looks good,

    2. you’ll need to change the blog banner and body background to fit your new width.
    and you can do it using any photo editor like photoshop,
    i hope you can do it, please tell us if you are done.

  8. Max says:

    thanks ietoh
    you are always welcome

  9. Jaime says:

    I’m confused about the archive button…I was able to edit the “home” and “about” buttons by following the instructions on the tricks page. Here is my problem: on my old template (one from blogger) I had to add the archive feature to the page and there was a link for each specific time frame (like march 2005) for my archives, this wont work for the archive button since I would have multiply links. Is there something I need to change in my settings area to make this button work?

  10. madamechaos says:

    Hey, I love this Layout. It’s awesome!
    But I have a little problem with the date. The same as KoShiatar. I tried to fix it through the settings, but I can’t.
    Could you explain what exactly I have to change?

  11. Max says:


    please when you add the archive gadget, try to change it’s layout to choose the best one for you,
    you can choose on fo this:

    1- Hierarchy
    2- Flat List
    3- Dropdown Menu

  12. Max says:

    hi madamechaos
    Notepad Chaos date/time is easy to fix
    go to your blogger account,
    and navigate to settings >> “formatting” tab and change “Date Header format” and “Timestap format” be a date (e.g. 9.22.08)

    if you still have a problem, please tell me.

  13. mmc says:

    I still can’t get the date to work in blogger, with doing the fix you mention above. Is there something I’m missing?

  14. Max says:

    hi mmc
    sorry for this, we really sorry, please try this format for your blog,
    go to blogger account >> settings >> formatting >> and change “Timestap format” to

    “saturday, january 31, 2009”

    it must be work

    please tell us if you need any help,


  15. mmc says:

    That works! Thank you so much for your help and for being so responsive.

  16. star says:

    hi brilliant template but i cannot work out how to change “undefined” on the left hand side?
    also on the right it has friends and links which is cut of so i can only see the top half of the letters? please help!!!
    apart from that its excellent!!

  17. star says:

    hi can anyone help me to sort out the undefined areas on the left hand side, the tabs that correspond to each post, i have no idea how to link them with the titles of the post.
    not had a reponse from this site yet and im getting desperate as my blog is looking naff because of them!! thanks 🙂

  18. madamechaos says:

    @ Max
    Thank you! It worked 😀

  19. Max says:

    hi star
    sorry for this, we really sorry, please try this format for your blog,
    go to blogger account >> settings >> formatting >> and change “Timestap format” to

    “saturday, january 31, 2009″

    it must be work

    please tell us if you need any help,


  20. star says:

    its worked!!!!! excellent im so happy now!!! thanks

  21. fqh says:

    hye there.can u tell me how to edit the home,about and archives button?i tried to use the blog tricks but it seems i cant find the codes as the instructions does.

  22. F says:

    how can I edit the ‘What is this place’ section? I didn’t know how to do it? Please help me.

  23. F says:

    please answer my question please. im begging

  24. vbibit says:

    I love the template! How can I edit the word categories on the right side and the home, about and archives button? thanks

  25. erin says:

    i liked this template.but i do not know how to put in my blog?can u explain for me…

  26. ina says:

    i want this template

  27. della says:

    hheeeii… thx… d template is very very very kewl… eventhough only 2 columns..th… i’ll link ur site,,, hhehehe..lol

  28. della says:

    i’m very happy nou… thx 4 da tutorial..

  29. venice says:

    How can i add text to the footer part “What is this place”? And what link should I exactly link to my archive for my archive button to work? Is there a way that I can add more buttons? How? For example I’ll add buttons for Friendster or Myspace

  30. Max says:

    hi all, for all people who want to know how to fix the time stamp buttom, please follow this steps

    go to blogger account >> settings >> formatting >> and change “Timestap format” to

    “saturday, january 31, 2009″

    it must be work

    please tell us if you need any help,


  31. i liked this template.but i do not know how to put in my blog?can u explain for me…pls

  32. jjteach says:

    Thanks for a great looking template. I am having a problem on the lower right “friends and links” is cut of so I can only see the top half of the letters? please help!!!

  33. jjteach says:

    I’m also having a problem figuring out how to revise the “What’s this place?” area.

  34. Max says:

    hi jjteach
    you can solve all your problems if you tried to play with the template code, just go to Dashboard >> layout >> edit html >> and do it, i wish you all the best.

  35. Me says:

    I had the same question as jjteach. From Dashboard, where is “Layout”? Do you mean “Themes”? Because I didn’t find an edit html section either.

  36. Max says:

    hi Me
    do you use wordpress Or blogger

  37. Yosemite says:

    Hi Max,
    this ist a georgous template but I can´t see it with the Internet Explorer – just with firefox.
    How can I change that ?

    I have another question: Will my images and widgets disappear with the new template ? I didn´t try it on my real important blog, because I have fear for my images …

    Please help me, I love this Layout !
    Greetings, Yosemite

  38. Bryn says:


    I downloaded this template a few months ago and with of bit of a struggle and lots of trial and error I think I have it mostly working okay. Thanks so much for taking the time to create it and offer support.

    I am writing because I looked at my blog this morning and saw that several of the graphics have “Upgrade Now” or “Exceeded Bandwidth” messages from Photobucket plastered on them. I understand how this could be an issue and I’ve no real complaint since this was free to me but was wondering if you plan to remedy that issue? I sure hope so because I would hate to have to change templates.

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again and best wishes.

  39. Max says:

    hi Bryn, thanks for taking time to wright for us, actually we don’t upload this templates images on Photobucket, if you checked the demo blog you’ll find it perfectly works, so try do download it from here and try it again.

    hi Yosemite, i’m afraid that the answer is yes, your gadgets, widgets, and sidebar lists will be removed, but the images, i don’t know what images do you talk about it here.

  40. Bryn says:

    Hello Max and thank you for your prompt response and email.

    I don’t wish to disagree with you, but here is a piece of code from the HTML file on this template: #home a:hover {
    background:transparent url(http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f147/gosutemplate/menu.jpg) 0px 0px no-repeat;

    This is where I got the idea that it was your photobucket account. Perhaps you are not affiliated with “gosutemplate’?

    Also, if you will double check your demo you will see that when you run your cursor over the Home tab you get the photobucket error and also when you put your cursor over the link in Recent Posts.

    The other areas that are affected on my blog are the Categories and Friends and Links areas. I think that you aren’t seeing this on the demo because neither of those areas have anything in them.

    One last thing, I check the other day, after I sent you an email, and it looked fine again. When I checked it again today, the Upgrade Now errors were back. I think it’s an off and on issue depending on traffic.

    Whew! That’s alot of stuff! I hope it makes sense and I very much appreciate your patience and assistance. Let me know if I can provide any further information. Thanks again!

    • Max says:

      hi bryn
      thanks for your clarification.
      i’m really sorry for this mistake, when i published this template here for the first time i said that i’ll upload all it’s images to my own hosting space, and i did. but accidentally i missed 3 or 4 images that appear in hover only cases.
      and i didn’t realized this problem untill now.

      and due to photobucket account terms, each image hosted there, have a limited bandwidth for the free account, and i think that the 3 or 4 images that i missed to upload here have reached the limited bandwidth.
      so they have been removed.
      i’m really sorry for this mistake and i’ll try to solve this problem soon, but i’ll not be able to do it unless i get the missed images,
      thanks bryn, thanks all for waiting.

  41. Bronwyn says:

    Hey! I have read the comments regarding fixing the date/time stamps, unfortunately, nothing seems to be working and the tab still says ‘Undefined’, how is this fixed? Thanks in advance!!

  42. Max says:

    hi bronwyn.
    this is very annoying problem, to get rid of this problem you should follow the following steps : Setting >> Formatting >> TimeStamp Format and now chose the 4th one and save it.

  43. Les says:

    Still no luck with the date/time stamp. I tried every variation available on blogger, but none worked. Any work around for this? Love the design, but can’t live with undefined/undefined.

  44. Max says:

    please Les, be sure that the one you change is TimeStamp Format.

  45. carol says:

    I love your layout. I have one quesiton though. I have two icons on my page that say “undefined”. Do you have any idea what those are and how to get rid of them. Also, can you add widgets to this layout? Thanks 😉

  46. carol says:

    fixed the time stamp format. Thanks 🙂 Blog page looks great. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  47. Pam says:

    I love this template. It has not been the easiest, but I get a lot of compliments on it, and I think it is beautiful. One problem—In the Categories section on the right side, it now says Upgrade to Pro Today. Have I exceeded some limit or something? I can’t find any way to upgrade to pro. My blog looks pretty bad now. Could use some help.

    • Max says:

      hi pam, i’m sorry but this is the author photobucket.com account problem, he is the only one can provide us the images so we can host it any where.
      if any one can contact him about this problem, many of bloggers will really appreciate it.
      Here is the authors site >> gosublogger.com

  48. Pam says:

    Max, no problem. I was able to fix it myself. It gave me the option not to display any of the category titles, so I was able to remove it. The Category heading remains, but that’s o.k. At least I was able to remove all of the “Upgrade to Pro Today” words.

  49. Han says:

    When I add a leaderboard ad, the alignment will be gone. Any solutions? Thanks 🙂

  50. Jeanne says:

    Trying to fix everything (blogspot) but lets start first with undefined date:
    I read the instructions but the format “Sunday, 10 oct, 2009” is not an option. What can I do? Below are your instructions:
    The format should be changed from the your dashboard (Dashboard → Settings → Formatting → Date Header Format) and usually the correct type is:Sunday, 10 oct, 2009.

    Or Read the instructions of your template located on the download page.

  51. Jeanne says:

    Comment Form appear after every Post: Tried to add it manually. The code you said to search for is not in my html:

    • Max says:

      @ jenna, sorry for this error , i’m happy that you fixed it, if any one still need any help, please try sunday, november 4 , 2009 OR sunday, november 04 , 2009, For Timestamp Format
      and about comments, this is a very old template, and the coder may added some custom codes.

  52. Jeanne says:

    Re: UNDEFINED DATE: I fixed it. It was not under Date Header Formatting
    It was under TIMESTAMP
    I fixed it.

  53. kandasamy says:

    how i remove “upgrade to pro today” from my blog

    • Max says:

      hi kandasamy,
      this image appear because some of this template images are hosted on free image hosting server,
      to remove this image, please wait until the image come back again, and then download it and re upload it to your favorite image hosting service.

  54. Lisa says:

    In order to solve FRIENDS AND LINKS image problem, just correct the code:

    Control + F and find the word: friends

    I corrected after the link:

    background:url(http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_qTWVg4q5lCo/SNHkt88j27I/AAAAAAAAA98/m2485LZ7kqs/s1600/txt-friends-links.gif) no-repeat 50% 8px;
    padding:30px 10px 20px;

    I corrected the padding part.

    Hope it helps.

  55. maria fernanda says:

    hi, thanks for the template..how can I edit the recent posts and the tabs home,about,archives-put the correct link?

  56. Cat says:

    I tried your suggestion on fixing the “friends and links” but for some reason it didn’t work for me. But I did figure out how to fix it for me. For those of you who want to give it a try here’s how I fixed it.
    Click the design tab & click Edit HTML. In the Edit Template box scroll down until you find this coding:
    #content .col02 .links {
    background:url(http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_qTWVg4q5lCo/SNHkt88j27I/AAAAAAAAA98/m2485LZ7kqs/s1600/txt-friends-links.gif) no-repeat 50% 8px;

    See this bottom line for padding? All you have to do is change the 20 to 40. Make sure you leave everything else intact or it won’t work. Coding is extremely touchy.
    Hope this helps someone out!

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