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Today’s featured Blogger template is from Templateify, and it’s called Montric.

Montric is an elegantly-made template that has this huge image slider that fills up most of the browser window upon opening. Now this may sound like a bad move when it comes to design but it’s not – that is, as long as it’s used appropriately, just like how Templateify did on this particular template. This is perfect and effective if you have stunning images in your content that you could feature and which you think would successfully capture your visitors’ attention thereby encouraging them to navigate your site even further and look for more striking images.

It has a clean and flat designed elements and features that include a 2-column layout, right sidebar, 4-column footer, and ‘Read more’ button just to name a few. Even though it’s packed with fully functional scripts it still manages to load very quickly. One of these scripts allows your visitors to use the keyboard to transition between the next and previous posts.

The way the elements are spaced looks great giving the design that spacious and almost minimalist look. The logo located at the top left is actually made out of CSS and text and not an image, which means that you can edit it and rename it anyway you want.

You can check out the live demo here. If you find it perfect for your website you can download it here where you can also find some more info on the template.


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