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MetroMinimalist Blogger Template

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Today’s featured Blogger template might interest those of you who like Windows 8’s user interface design. It’s called Metrominimalist, and as its name implies, it’s a design that’s based on the aforementioned operating system with a touch of minimalism. Designed by Johanes Djogan, the template features a 2-column layout with the sidebar positioned at the right, 3 social bookmarking icons (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) with RSS, a 3-column footer, an animated CSS3-driven search box, and a threaded commenting system, just to name a few.

It actually looks more like a cross between Windows 8 and Facebook because of the color theme, which is blue. But once you hover your mouse cursor over at the image and video thumbnails as well as the social bookmarking icons, that’s when you’ll see the similarity to Windows 8.

If there’s one thing I wish about this template, it’d be that the social icons appear in their original color by default and then only have them turn blue upon mouseover. But I think that’s something that can be ‘fixed’ as long as you know enough about HTML/CSS. Other than that, it looks stunning, particularly with all the hover effects not just on the post thumbs but also on the text as well. I love how the summary changes to show you the post details such as the date, number of comments, and tags/keywords.

It’s quite a versatile template that it can be used for pretty much any form of blog content: general topic, media, photography, etc. You can download it right here.

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