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Template Futures

dark template,top navigation menu. 2 Column, right sidebar, Feed icon,search box Ready.
Dark blogger templates
Footer horizontal menu.

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  1. Darshit says:

    Great template.
    I wanna use it.
    But I have three query

    1. I want to put Post a Comment and Nos. of comments at Bottom of post. How Can I?
    2. I want to put date under title of post.
    3. can i put a picture under title of blog?

    Help me plz. Do mail me your answer.

  2. Max says:

    hi Darshit
    sure you can, but this 3 query need some time to be done. it’s all about adding some codes to your template.
    what makes it need some time is that every template has it’s own coding structure.we don’t work here with stander elements. it depends on template code structure.
    you need to browse official Blogger Developers Network site.
    i hope it can help


  3. Secretista says:

    How do you get the date to be in the title?

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