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Template Futures

2 column, left sidebar. top navigation menu,rss feed icon
search box, abstract music banner. web2 music blogger templates
web2 blogger template with pink buttons, wordpress look and vector banner

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Source And Designer Design by designed by EZwpthemes | Bloggerized by FalconHive.
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  1. Wind Dancer says:

    Wow another beautiful template. People are sure to enjoy this one! Love it.

  2. Max says:

    hi Wind Dancer
    i hope you enjoy using new templates, thanks

  3. Oli says:

    Fantastic! I tried to get rid of the search box, but couldn’t find a way? How do you do that?

  4. Max says:

    hi Oli
    what do you mean by getting ride of the search box.
    do you mean that you want to remove it.?

  5. JoeyDC says:

    Hey guys,

    This template is really great! I am already working on it, to modify it myself. My question is how can I make all links not to be underlined? I have all text-decoration on none and I just can’t find it! Would be great if you could help :).


  6. JoeyDC says:

    I figured it out already ;). Anyway, awesome job with the layout/design!

  7. JoeyDC says:

    Uhhm…how do you add the date? I only have the time, and that doesn’t really help much :(.

  8. JoeyDC says:

    Does anyone know how to make the labels visible? Please?

  9. Usmaan says:

    this template does not show the blog nav bar :O

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