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2 columns template, left sidebar. fixed width, light yellow background. abstract and vector banner 2 column blogger templates for personal pages and artistic lovers.

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  1. :s.9.s: it’s nice template !!

  2. Saya suka ini! :s.12.s:

  3. Xamantha says:

    I love the template!
    But the “about” picture is on the right side instead of left, so it covers some of my content. I’d like to know how to remove it.
    Another thing I’m having difficulties with: the text that should be at the bottom of the page (Copyright/all rights reserved/design by) seems stuck at one place. How can I change that?

  4. ayucinta says:

    mcm ne nk copy ke blog sy??huh..

  5. Fr0nd says:

    agree…I can’t find where to move the “about” and “wordpress” graphic. Shame really cos I like this theme.

  6. beben says:

    yeaaaaahhhh i have got to one .. for this

  7. I like this one! It’s so simply and beauty.

  8. marie says:

    i’m having trouble with my signatue showing on my blog. it’s a “shadow” outline and my name does not appear. can you tell me what may be wrong.

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