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1 column, 2 bottom sidebars. white orange banner. fixed width, dark gray background.
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  1. I’ve been searching and experimenting blog templates, and this looked to be the basic idea of what I was looking for. Before yesterday, html was extremely freaky to me…but I’ve been playing around and I’m starting to get it. I figured out how to take out the picture of the clocks and center my text…but how do I get my own picture to go in that header space. When I uploaded a correctly sized picture to blogger’s edit layout-Header section, it won’t show.
    Could someone point me in the right direction as far as what I should be looking for in the html code to get my pictures to show?
    I saw the comment about giving a donation for the download…which I will gladly do if I can figure out how to make this code give me what I need.

  2. Max says:

    hi Christine May
    thanks for commenting here and visiting us.
    what you want to do is to change the header image, right? ok,
    this is very easy thing to do.
    please in the demo blog right click the image and select “properties” if you using internet explorer. and ” view background image” if you using firefox.
    and you do this to find the header image url.
    and for this template the image url is
    and to change it. we’ll need to find this url in the template code and replace it with the new image code. so upload the new header image to your fav uploading site. and go to your blogger account.
    select layout >> edit html, and find the original header image url
    and replace it with the new image url that you just uploaded.

    i hope that an help you.

    if you need more help please tell me,.

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