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Catalogspot K2 E-Commerce Blogger Template

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This week’s featured Blogger template is for those of you who are looking to setup an online store. Designed by loefa-cebook, Catalogspot K2 is actually a second version of Blogger Template Catalogspot shopping cart. The difference between this and its predecessor is that this one has an image slider that uses the Flexslider jQuery plugin. Another noticeable change is its design which is now much simpler, cleaner, and more elegant; it looks a bit more or a professional website now than a blog site.

Like the original, what I love about this template is the rollover or mouseover effect on the image thumbnails. As always, a grid layout makes it easier to look at multiple objects for comparison, although I wish there were more rows so that you can check out more stuff with lesser clicks. You can probably customize it, provided you know enough about coding but still it would’ve been less troublesome having to go through all the work. The page navigation located just below the item grid makes it easier to browse to another set.

The only thing that I personally would like to change is the search box, which I find difficult to spot in spite of the fact that it takes up the entire width of the page. I was expecting to find it somewhere close to the left hand side where one would usually spot it. But I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

All in all, this reincarnation of Catalogspot is a welcome change and improvement of the original, and one can’t help but wait what other tweaks loefa-cebook will be coming up with, the next time it decides to update it once again.

You can download it from here.

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