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Why Blogger Is Better Than WordPress

Why Blogger Is Better Than WordPress

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For several years running, Blogger and WordPress have been the most popular blogging platforms, both closely rivaling each other in terms of

features, functionality, reliability, variety of design, flexibility of usage, and support quality.

Now, you may have heard of the common Blogger vs. WordPress debate, in that many users seem to vouch for WordPress for a variety of reasons, usually in terms of professional use and flexibility of features. But there are also several good reasons why Blogger is a great choice over WordPress; it truly depends on what you need and what you’re looking for in a blogging platform.

1. Google support – Yes, Blogger is backed up by the world’s largest and most powerful Internet corporation, with active teams of developers constantly striving to make Blogger and other Google services better, stronger, and faster. This means you’ll get new and quickly updated features such as widgets, add-ons, and templates much faster than what you’ll get from WordPress. It’s also easier for you to integrate all your Google accounts with Blogger, be it AdSense, Gmail, AdWords, and more.

2. Easy customization – When it comes to making changes in your blog’s visual appearance, Blogger makes it much easier. Whether it’s with editing separate elements or tweaking entire templates, or even changing the style sheets and HTML, Blogger’s developers have made sure that even those who aren’t blogging experts can easily customize their site.

3. Indexing time – Because Blogger is under Google, getting your posts indexed on Google’s search engine is much faster, which in turn lets you receive more traffic in the shortest possible time.

4. Multiple accounts – If you wish to run several Blogger sites, Blogger’s dashboard allows you to view and manage all of them from a single dashboard. From there you have the option to create, edit, and alter several posts with one click.

5. Ease of use – Overall, Blogger’s user interface is tailored to make it user-friendly. If you don’t have the time to bother with detailed workings of blog management, or are new to blogging, Blogger will ease you into the field with minimal effort.

How about you, if you’re using Blogger as your primary or chosen platform, what other advantages have you experienced with it? Share your stories in the comments!

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  1. Reegon says:

    Left Blogger in 2010 and worked on WordPress for 5 years. Month ago I switched back to Blogger. For me, the best blogging platform out there. Simple, clean and effective blogging.

  2. shaikh muneer says:

    this is best guide to choice best platform and work to batter SEO.

  3. Manohar V says:

    You have missed a main important factor which appeals to me is, Blogger is hosted in Google server so you dont need to worry for finding a reliable hosting company.

    The main disadvantage being you never own the site as it is under blogger always.

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